Most delays in processing an application are due to discrepancies or unexplained gaps in the employment history, not for lack of driving experience or a poor commercial motor vehicle driving record.

Most denied applications are caused by incorrect or incomplete job history information provided on the application forms. Please take the time to insure that all job history information is provided and that all dates are correct.

If there is a gap in your employment history, please account for that gap as though it were a job, listing under employer name the word "unemployed," again providing correct dates.

DOT 3 Year Requirement

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations require the employer to have a complete applicant job history for the 3 years directly prior to the application for employment. All 36 months must be fully accounted for, without exception.

This means all jobs, driving, non-driving, as well as periods laid off or unemployed, periods of schooling, military service, retirement, etc.

DOT 10 Year Requirement

DOT also requires that the applicant list all driving jobs held for the last 10 years. Any driving jobs older than 3 years but within the 10 year requirement must be listed as well.

Military Service

Military service occurring in the last 3 years can only be verified by the DD-214 long form, which must accompany the application.

Tickets, Accidents or License Suspensions

Any moving violations or accidents in the last 3 years must be listed and the date and state must be included. Any suspension of driving privilege must be explained in detail, including the reason, date and duration of suspension.