Driver Comments

I began my tour of duty here at Wiseway in July 2010. This, to me, is the least stressful job as a driver I have ever had. I enjoy the one-on-one approach they have here. Most companies you’re only a number, not here. There is an open door policy and first name basis policy also. They will do everything possible to keep you happy. If you need to get home, take off, etc I enjoy working here and the support staff, the freight lanes are good, the miles are consistent to suit the drivers needs, the equipment is up to date, so what else could you ask for. In other words, I plan to stay here for a long time. I like it here at Wiseway.
– T. Dowell, NC

They do what they say they are going to do. Wiseway is a good company
– Peddle Driver, WI

A driver friendly company that gets you all the miles you want as long as you keep legal on logs. They are not hard to work with when personal problems happen. If problems arise, they work with you.
 – E. Dillard, NC

I get to go home regularly. This is the most important part of working as a driver. I can walk in and talk to anyone (payroll, dispatch, etc) without appointments. My truck is nice and well maintained.  I like all aspects of Wiseway. It’s the best company that I have ever worked for.
 – J. Dunlap, TN

Great company to work for. I love this place, they treat you like family. I get good miles and run like I want to. They don’t hassle you like most companies do. Stay here until they kick me to the curb.
- W. Kivett, NC

Wiseway makes me feel that I am important to them & they respect me for what I do for them. They are willing to help with any problems I might have. Respect, friendly atmosphere, easy communication with dispatch and everyone else that I need help from.
 – L. Schatz, MO

It’s one of the best companies I’ve worked for in 31 years of full-time employment. Good communication and great equipment. Also, no force dispatch is a plus. It’s not a perfect company but I don’t think any of those are around. 
– T. Allen, MN

Great company. Great equipment. Always get me home and get good miles. Mitch is a great travel agent
– J. Thatcher, WI

I came to Wiseway 6 years ago and have been very happy with my decision.  They keep the truck moving and the miles are consistent.  Since I have been here I have only sat still one time to wait for a load.  We don’t have forced dispatch which allows me to run in areas that I enjoy and be home when I need to be.
- B. Hemmingson, MN